Reasonable Basic Algebra (RBA)

Can you tell me in 10 words or less what RBA is all about?

Not quite but how about:

RBA is a complete "bundle" for a realistic "Basic Algebra" course.

OK!  How about telling me just a bit more?

How about reading the Preface of RBA or looking at the Contents of RBA?

All textbooks authors claim theirs is unique.  How is this one really different?

See by yourself. You can download the Complete Text or the chapters individually by going to RBA Downloads. Any comment, reaction, etc are more than welcome.

Surely, though, you don't expect me to write homeworks, exams and all that stuff?

RBA comes as a ready-to-use "bundle" that, in addition to the text, includes ancillaries

Reasonable Basic Algebra Contents.

Reasonable Basic Algebra Downloads.