This is where the ANNOUNCEMENTS for Schremmer's section of FNMT 016 will be posted.
You will have to check this page regularly .

Materials for FNMT 016 are to be found here.

The latest announcement will always be at the top, in red.

November 30, 2016. I have uploaded the Departmental Exam Review, complete with answers, that I just received. I have not yet had a chance to do it but I also received two messages about errors---I am not the only one to make errors: one in question 3 and one in question 47: You should of course study this Review and, should you hit a snag, any snag, you should email me for help.
November 20, 2016. I have uploaded REVIEW III - Questions
November 19, 2016. I finally remembered what I had promised to post: Are Our Students Changing? and Are STEM Students Born or Made? The STEM student paradox are a couple of posts in a blog by Rotman who has been around Developmental Math almost as long as I have.
November 17, 2016.
  1. I have posted the Updated Calendar that the class has decided upon.
  2. The section of FNMT 017 which I will be teaching in the Spring semester on TR 8:00-9:30 is Section 066, CRN 11844

November 16, 2016. I have uploaded an exam which is essentially an old Departmental EXAM in which I have changed the numbers. Please keep in mind that:
  1. You will have to take the Departmental EXAM no matter what because otherwise I will be prevented from entering any grade and the computer will automatically enter an F.
  2. There can be no make-up for the Departmental EXAM.

November 2, 2016. I have uploaded EXAM 2. You should work on it as we will discuss this tomorrow.
October 31, 2016. Re. SEPTA strike. It is not in my power to cancel classes. Only the school can do that. Tomorrow, Tuesday Novemeber 1, the class following last Thursday's Review 2 Test, there will be EXAM 2 as per the Calendar. Should you not be able to make it, there will be a MAKEUP 2 also as per the Calendar.
October 23, 2016. I have turned in the "Midterm grades" and the attendance records to the school:

Please note that the "Midterm grade" is only the grade you got on EXAM 1. For how your final grade will be arrived at, please see page 6 of the User Manual

October 23, 2016.
  1. I have completed and uploaded Review 2.
  2. I mistakingly wrote earlier that there would be 20 questions: there are 25 questions as "always" in particular like Review 1 and Exam 1.

October 21, 2016.
  1. I have just uploaded Chapter 11, Reality Check 11 and Classwork 11.
  2. I want to think a bit more about how many and which questions in Review 2 to replace by questions from Classwork 11. I will do that Monday.

October 19, 2016.
  1. I have finally updated/straightened out everything up to and including RealityCheck 10 and ClassWork 10.
  2. I have also been working on 11 but here striking the right balance between "how" and "why" is not quite easy. I should be able to make it by Friday.
  3. Keep on working on Review II.

October 17, 2016.
  1. I have uploaded most of the questions of Review 2. There will be 20 questions altogether but there is a bit of redundance so I will prune a bit to make room for the questions on Chapter 11 and complete Review 2. Remember that EXAM II will be a twin of Review 2. So, you should start on Review 2 as soon as you can, without waiting for the rest.
  2. I have uploaded ClassWork 1 to 9 but ClassWork 9 misses the "word problems" which are in Review 2 and which are most important and which we will also do in class
  3. Also, please note that the Reality Check 9 that I uploaded on the 8th is way too short. This is my mistake. It is too late to change today but I will complete it tomorrow after class.
  4. Sorry about all that. Everything will be straightened out by Wednesday night at the latest.

October 8, 2016.
  1. I have changed the calendar a bit to give us the time to discuss questions after the EXAMS so please make sure to use the Updated Calendar
  2. I have uploaded Reality Check 8 (finally) and the materials for Tuesday: Chapter 9 - Signed Subtraction and Reality Check 9

October 8, 2016. As a consequence of our discussing questions from EXAM 1 this past Thursday, from now on please make sure to use the Updated Calendar.
October 6, 2016. I have uploaded the text of EXAM 1 to help you prepare for MAKEUP 1:
  1. Work on the questions of REVIEW I - Questions one by one while referring to the relevant part of the textbook and to the discussion of the question in REVIEW I - Discussions. Try to locate and focus on whatever is stopping you. Email me as necessary.
  2. Then, work on the questions of EXAM 1 one by one while referring to the relevant part of the textbook and the discussion of the similar question in REVIEW I - Discussion. Email me as necessary.

October 5, 2016. I have uploaded Reality Check 7.
October 4, 2016. I have uploaded Chapter 7. I will upload RealityCheck 7 tomorrow.
October 1, 2016. I just came across the following text:
I like to think about interesting questions.
Everyone who has been trained in mathematics has been taught to think very creatively, to have a powerful way of reasoning […]. Mathematics is the core of all this thinking and logic, so we should encourage everyone to study mathematics. In fact, I often make a joke that we should have a rebranding campaign, we should not call what we do “mathematics.” Because right now if I go to the street and ask people “what is mathematics?” they will most likely say something like 7*6 = 42. But mathematics is not memorizing [...], mathematics is thinking. So we should rebrand mathematics and call it thinking. Then nobody will be able to say, “I don’t like thinking, I have never tried thinking.” (Emphasis mine)
The first line is on the first page, top of second column, of Po-shen Loh and the paragraph is the closing paragraph, on the last page.

September 23, 2016. Here is a site where to relearn long division (There is even a video) but there are many other sites.
September 23, 2016. I have uploaded:
  1. Review 1 - questions. These will be the very same exact questions which will be on Review I Test on Thursday September 29 according to the Calendar. The only difference is that on the Review Test, there will be multiple choices to allow me to score on the spot. Exam I, which will be on October 4, will have very similar questions.
  2. Review 1 - discussions. After you have worked on the questions, you should compare what you did with what I did in the discussions. Be careful that there are probably errors. If you cannot reconcile what you did with what I did, email me.

September 22, 2016. The fix is in!. Er, I just meant that I have fixed the "pretty bad mistake" and that I have uploaded Chapter 6 Multiplication - Division. Enjoy.
September 21, 2016. OOPS!! I made a pretty bad mistake in Chapter 6 Multiplication - Division so I just pulled it from the materials page. The mistake should be fixed by tomorrow night. Sorry about that but I would expect that, right now, you are more interested in Chapter 5 anyhow.
September 21, 2016. Both Chapter 6 Multiplication - Division and Reality Check 6 can now be downloaded from the materials page. Reminder: according to the Calendar, you should study Chapter 6 - Multiplication - Division for Tuesday, September 26
September 15, 2016.
  1. I just uploaded a new version of Chapter 4 - Comparisons in which I have explained how to graph data sets and solution subsets. Reminder: according to the Calendar, you should study Chapter 4 - Comparisons for Tuesday, September 19.
  2. As promised yesterday, I just uploaded Reality Check 4 on: Comparisons which, according to the Calendar, you should work on for Tuesday, September 19.

September 14, 2016. I have just uploaded Chapter 4 - Comparisons which, according to the Calendar, you should study for Tuesday, September 19. I will upload the corresponding reality check tomorrow. Items 2 and 3 of the previous announcement still hold.
September 8, 2016.
This is my first announcement:
  1. I am trying to stay ahead of you and, even though you are not going to need it until after Tuesday when we will discuss Chapter 2 - Decimals for Numbers of Items, I have just posted a cleaned-up version of Chapter 3 - Decimals for Amounts of Substance.
  2. Just a reminder: I am not perfect and there are probably "bad" parts in the text and you might want to email me to let me know. But, please, be PRECISE.
  3. If the "bad" part is an outright error of mine and you are the first one to let me know, then you will have earned yourself a Deci Dollar. Really. I will pay it to you in class.