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May 5, 2017.
I have entered the FINAL GRADES in Banner Self Service. Have a good summer.

April 13, 2017.
This morning, the class decided to move Review Test III from Tuesday April 25 to this coming Tuesday April 18. The 161 Calendar has been modified accordingly.

April 12, 2017.
I have upgraded the (almost complete) book and the pictures in Appendix 3 are now in technicolor.

April 10, 2017.
The dates for the MakeUps are now confirmed and the 161 Calendar has been updated accordingly.

March 27, 2017.
I keep upgrading the (almost complete) book. There are no conceptual changes and I am just making it more readable in various ways. So, I am not going to announce each upgrade and so, if and whenever you want to understand something, you may want to check what the latest, unanounced, upgrade is saying on the matter.

March 23, 2017.
I have upgraded the (almost complete) book to include the "fast procedure" that we did today for getting any single term in the local input-output rule. It starts at the bottom of page 228. Let me know how it goes.

March 20, 2017.
I have upgraded the (almost complete) book:
March 17, 2017.
March 3, 2017. I did get a bit frustrated this past Thursday and I apologize. But here is why:
  1. Understanding Algebraic Functions cannot be reduced to being able to answer 65 multiple choice questions.
  2. The only reason for the 65 multiple-choice questions is that I have to give grades to the school and that this is the most objective way to do so.
  3. However, because I want to stress understanding, the questions are intended to defeat rote answers and thus how to answer them is not always easy to memorize if only because of the many ways most questions can be phrased. In other words, before you can try to "remember how to" answer a question, you have to realize what the question is about.
  4. On the other hand, once you understand the way things interrelate, you will have no problem seeing through the phrasing because you will understand the point of the question and you will have zero problem answering the question.
  5. As for the Homework, it is both an "occasion" for thinking about algebraic functions and a "reality check" on this thinking. What the Homework certainly is not is a rote practice. As long as you insist on looking on each problem in the Homework separately, as a thing in itself, things are not going to work. But, for example, Homework problem 10-12 is just a simple extension of Homework problem 10-9 which is itself a simple extension of Homework problem 10-8. On the other hand, each one of the problems in Homework 10 was dealt with in the text. For instance, Problem 10-8 was dealt with in subsection 3 of section 10.6 Equation Problem. How to do Problem 10-9 was dealt with in the text in 10.7 Inequation Problems and the very detailed Example 6.
Just in case, let me repeat here what I just wrote to one of you:
What I was talking about and giving examples of is the relationships among the algebraic functions that we are going to investigate, more precisely what's going to remain the same in the way we are going to go about them (roughly, local analysis) and what is going to depend very much on the particular kind of algebraic function under investigation (global analysis). In other words, a warning that things to come are very much going to be related to what we were doing just at this point
I thought, and still think, that putting things in perspective is critical for their understanding .

February 26, 2017. I have just updated the (almost complete) book. The interchapter references are thus working and, as we go along, you will need the appendices. Whenever in doubt, please check the date all the way at the bottom of the title page (Third page).

February 24, 2017. I have just uploaded My solutions for EXAM I (Spring 2017). Please let me know if and when you find mistakes. In fact, I found a few which I corrected as of Saturday 11:20 am.

February 12, 2017.
January 22, 2017.

January 16, 2017. This is my first announcement for Spring 2017.