Reasonable Texts For Learning

Here is where each one of the three texts can be found:

      Reasonable Decimal Arithmetic

      Reasonable Basic Algebra

      Reasonable Algebraic Functions

The comments on this page are for all three texts which I am currently revising into "lean editions" with a view to fusing them eventually into a single text starting with Arithmetic and culminating with Differential Calculus. See the conclusion of How Content Matters. To see how close Reasonable Algebraic Functions already is to Differential Calculus, see To Calculate in Calculus.

For the time being, I am not updating the ancillaries so they are not included here but they can be found under Standalones.
Here is where to find what:
  1. The text of each chapter is in the corresponding .tex file in the folder Text-contents. The corresponding .tex file in the folder Text-controls is the file that "controls" that chapter. In particular, this is where various counters are. Any chapter can be compiled individually. 600.tex is the GNU Free Document License.
  2. When LaTeX compiles a chapter, it puts the .pdf in the folder Text-controls along with numerous auxiliary files. All these files, including the .pdf file but excluding the .tex control file , can be deleted as LaTeX will recreate them on compiling. If, for whatever reason, a control file is lost, it can be copied from any other control file but some of the counters may have to be reset.
  3. The file ALL.tex in the Text-contents folder lists all 18 chapters. To include a chapter, just uncomment it. The files ALL.tex in the Text-controls assembles everything to make the book with the front and back matters and lets the GNU Free Document License be included.
  4. The pdfs for the "includegraphics" for each chapter are in the corresponding subfolder of the folder Figures > Text.
  5. The source for the "includegraphics" for each chapter are in the corresponding subfolders of the folder Graphics > Text. They were generated with the proprietary application Intaglio with the agreement of GNU.
  6. I will eventually resave these graphics as .png files. They will then be in subfolders of the folder Images > Text.
  7. The stylesheets are in the folder StyleSheets. The preamble.sty and the GraphicsPaths.sty are the same for all three texts. Packages, commands and environments that are specific to a title are in the corresponding TextConstruction.sty.

Here is about the date the current version was uploasded and how different it is from the previous versions: