Reasonable Decimal Arithmetic (RDA)

Reasonable Decimal Arithmetic (RDA) is to be a complete bundle for a realistic ARITHMETIC course as could reasonably be taught in a Developmental program, that is with a reasonable number of students succeeding in the course but also, and much more important, in following courses.
The bundle is being developed for a course meeting 80 minutes twice a week during a fifteen course semester. It will consist of 18 chapters each with daily homework and quiz, as well as three Reviews and three Exams.
The environment will be the same system for managing the ancillaries as used for Reasonable Basic Algebra and Reasonable Algebraic Functions..

Contrary to the way I have proceeded in the past, I am making the stuff immediatedly available. as I develop it from both a version. I gave up on a long time ago and from Mathematics For Learning that was serialized in the AMATYC Review.

This is of course in the hope that interested people may send comments to Schremmer dot Alain at this site on any aspect and in any way they wish. These may be people who want to learn about an aspect of Arithmetic they may not have encountered before, people who have to teach Arithmetic to adults but are having trouble with commercial materials, etc. All comments and contributions are welcome. For instance, a passage or an example or whatever may be declared incomprehensible or out of the natural flow, or whatever.

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