Contents of "System"

This badly but temporarily named "system" is what handles the ancillaries for RAF, soon to be uploaded, and for RBA as soon as I have finished transfering them to this "system". It is made available here, under a GNU Free Documentation License, to prospective authors to make it easier for them to write ancillaries for their own text.

As such, once unzipped, the folder will look exactly like the one for RAF and should work out of the box since the only difference is that the files are blank.

While it should work both under Mac OS X and MS Windows, there is almost certainly one difference: Under Mac OS X, with TeXShop as front end editor, any document you want to typeset you can typeset from either the contents file or from the controls file. Other than in that particular case, it is probable that you cna only typeset from the controls file. Hopefully, though, the next version of TeXWorks might work like TeXShop in that respect and in that case the system ought to work exactly the same way under both Mac OS X and MS Windows.

To use Michael Sharpe's Assessment Document Maker (ADM), on a Mac you just double-click, (Resp. on a Wintel you just double-clisck AssessmentDocMaker.exe). The only limitation is that, on a Mac, both and the supporting file AssessmentDocMaker Prefs (Resp. on a Wintel, both AssessmentDocMaker.exe and the folder AssessmentDocmaker Libs) must remain in the root folder AncillariesManagementSystem and, for instance, cannot be placed in the Application folder. So, if you have two books, then you must have two copies of ADM, one in each rootfolder.

The system is described in an article which appeared in the PracTeX Journal on 2011-02-07.