Student User Manual

This is not intended to tell the student/reader how to run her/his life, in particular, this is not intended to explain how to learn mathematics. That is something that will be the object of another page. The goal of this "manual" is only to help the student/reader how best to use this text and the Review DISCUSSIONS that go with the text by explaining under what assumptions the author wrote them.

While, to a degree, it is the other side of the instructor manual, it is not just that.


"Mathematics is amazingly compressible: you may struggle a long time, step by step, to work through some process or idea from several approaches. But once you really understand it and have the mental perspective to see it as a whole, there is often a tremendous mental compression. You can file it away, recall it quickly and completely when you need it, and use it as just one step in some other mental process. The insight that goes with this compression is one of the real joys of mathematics."

(Thurston, W. P. (1990). Mathematical Education, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 37 7, 844-850)