The PSMATYC Newsletter

Sometime towards the end of the previous millenary, I started inflicting my opinions on the world.

As I recall, the members of the PSMATYC were the first victims. Of course, mine were a lot more than opinions and I stood ready to defend them against anybody who would question them. Well, I called for a war but nobody showed up and there never was any discussion. And then I went on to another venue, the AMATYC Review, and completely forgot about the PSMATYC columns.

But then, a couple of days ago I received a copy of the PSMATYC Newsletter along with the obligatory invitation to submit stuff. Of course, I wanted to decline and suddenly thought of doing so by saying I had been there and sending a couple of the pieces. So I searched my computer to see if these columns were still there. They were (!) and I read them to see if I still stood behind what I had written at the time. I do so stand and, as I think can be readily seen, I enjoyed very much writing these two columns. So, then I thought to upload them here.

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Calculus Anyone? A column I had in the PSMATYC Newsletter at the time of the Calculus "initiative"
Let's Face It! The other column I had in the PSMATYC Newsletter at the same time