Reasonable Texts

—Other than being "based on facts", can you tell me in 12 words or less what Reasonable Texts are?

Not quite but how about:

Reasonable Texts are part of complete "bundles" for courses in which a significant number of students can be realistically expected to learn some real mathematics.

—You don't say! How about telling me a bit more?

A Reasonable Text is: (Pick your choice)

—No less, eh? Could you be a bit more precise?

How about checking out Chapter Thirteen?

—All textbooks authors claim theirs is unique. How are these "reasonable texts" really different?

See by yourself. You can download Reasonable Basic Algebra. or Reasonable Algebraic Functions or any individual chapter(s) thereof.

—Even if I did like the stuff, surely you wouldn't expect me to write all the "ancillary" stuff I would need to teach it?

Reasonable Texts come as ready-to-use "bundles" that, in addition to the Text, include many, easy to use ancillaries.

—OK, I will bite: Why "Reasonable"?

The Oxford American Dictionaries gives the following which says it all:

-------------------- Dictionary--------------------
Rea•son•a•ble. |ˈrēz(ə)nəbəl|
1 (of a person) having sound judgement; fair and sensible : no reasonable person could have objected.
2 as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate : a police officer may use reasonable force to gain entry.
rea-son-a-ble-ness noun

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French raisonable, suggested by Latin rationabilis ‘rational’, from ratio (see REASON ).

-------------------- Thesaurus --------------------
1 a reasonable man | a reasonable explanation SENSIBLE, rational, logical, fair, fair-minded, just, equitable; intelligent, wise, levelheaded, practical, realistic; sound, reasoned, well-reasoned, valid, commonsensical; tenable, plausible, credible, believable.
2 you must take all reasonable precautions WITHIN REASON, practicable, sensible; appropriate, suitable.
3 cars in reasonable condition FAIRLY GOOD, acceptable, satisfactory, average, adequate, fair, all right, tolerable, passable; informal OK.
4 reasonable prices INEXPENSIVE, moderate, low, cheap, budget, bargain, downmarket; competitive.