Mathematics For Learning

Chapters from Mathematics For Learning, the "prototext" with which I started my present effort and which was serialized from Spring 2004 to Spring 2008. Here again, these are the texts I sent to the Technical Editor. I will try to track down the two missing installments.

O. How Mathematics Could Make Sense To Lots of People And Why It Does Not: The Case Against Educology
Volume 25, Number 2. - Spring 2004

I. Arithmetic: Numbers Specified Directly
Volume 26, Number 1, Fall 2004

II. Accounting For Money On The Counter And Number-Phrases
Volume 26, Number 2. - Spring 2005

III. Accounting For Money Over The Counter And Signed Numbers
Volume 27, Number 1. - Fall 2005

Early Introduction Of Algebra: A Reorganization of I to III
Volume 24, Number 2. - Spring 2006

V. Multiplication
Volume 28, Number 1. - Fall 2006

VI. Repeated Multiplication And Power Language
Volume 29, Number 1. - Fall 2007

Volume 29, Number 2. - Spring 2008