The Future

On August 18, 2008, this page read in part as follows:

To the extent that things will work out as foreseen—they haven't always in the past, the number of standalone bundles ought to reach four in a not too distant future:

Today, nearly two years later, So, Reasonable Algebraic Functions is really finished, text and ancillaries, and what I am about to start on now is: What makes me think that I should be able to finish this in a reasonable amount of time is that (a) I already have a lot of what I need fairly well developed, and (b) I now have a management system in which to put the Checkable Items as I write them.

Beyond that, as I already wrote at the time, things get a bit fuzzy.

—Is this a personal project of yours or would it be possible to be part in it?

This project is a very large one whose development should certainly not be left to a single person, not even me. I can see at least four areas in which work could atart right now. In order of increasing difficulty:
If you are interested in any of the above, you can of course contact me at Schremmer dot Alain at this site but that is by no means necessary since this project is under a GNU Free Documentation License so that anyone can modify the stuff whether I like it or not.