Integrated A2BA

I have finally started on the front of From Arithmetic to Differential Calculus
As it turned out, I finally decided to play it safe and to write this prequel to Reasonable Algebraic Functions as thirty chapters for a five-credit hours course.
One factor was that I could write Reasonable Decimal Arithmetic as eighteen chapters for a three-credit hours course and then just use the twelve chapters of Part Two and Part Three of Reasonable Basic Algebra for the required total of thirty chapters.
As a result, this will give at the same time:
This is a short paper about a a problem of Content Architecture I am running into as I negotiate the Arithmetic to Algebra transition.
Making Sense of Mathematics , A Faster and Surer Pathway for Developmental Students? is the article version of a Beamer presentation that I recently gave on the subject at my school. Here is the presentation itself
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