In the textbook business, it has become the rule to thank as many people as at all possible so that, presumably, they will then have their students buy your book. Here, though, the situation is obviously different but, since RBA and now RAF truly owe their very existence to many people, those who might use them ought to know to whom they owe it and the latter ought to know that they are responsible for it. So, here they are:
Without all of you, the world would have been spared this.

Added on February 6, 2012: After Webstrike, the Australian company which had hosted from the start, was bought a couple of years ago by another company which was itself bought by another company, the technical support having gotten not only terrible but, in fact, occasionally completely ludicrous, I switched to Laughing Squid, often referred to on the web as an "independent company". Due in part to my total incompetence in such matters, the switch was not entirely painless and, without the extensive help given me by Sheri H. from SRSplus and Wayne Morris from FastWebsites, Australia, I would have just lost the domain name and then, without Frank E. at the Laughing Squid help desk, I would not have been able to transition FreeMathTexts seamlessly. So, my thanks to all of them.