Santos' Texts (LaTeX Source)

Dr. Gkioulekas tells me that he was told that the tex files are "not easy to compile" and that he himself was unable to compile the two or three which he tried. We both will try to see what the problem might be. Dr. Gkioulekas surmises that it might be a case of packages lacking backward compatibility. As for myself I am most probably totally out of my depth and will only try a couple of obvious things and beg for the help of the real experts on the Tex on Mac OSX Mailing List. Of course, should anyone be willing to work and solve the issue, I as well as, I am sure, Dr. Gkioulekas and Dr. Joyner, would be most grateful.
The compiled texts can be downloaded from PDFs

      ❖   Arithmetic

      ❖   Difference Calculus Generating Functions (2008)

      ❖   Discrete Math 1 (2008)

      ❖   Discrete Math 2 (2007)

      ❖   Elementary Algebra (2008)

      ❖   Junior Problem Seminar (2008)

      ❖   Linear Algebra (2008)

      ❖   Number Theory (2007)

      ❖   Precalculus (2008)

      ❖   Real Analysis (2007)

      ❖   Vector Calculus (2008)

      ❖   Very Basic Calculus (2008)

Added on November 25, 2015: Dr. Gkioulekas was finally able to fix all but two files. It must have been tremendous work and thus is no less tremendous an hommage to Santos. (I tried to fix Arithmetic and failed miserably even to figure out which way was up.) Rather than just link to his site, here is, for the sake of safe dissemination, the zip that he made available on his own site:

      ❖   Santos'source as repaired by Dr. Gkioulekas (2015)